Group photo of Aussie Hands members

Board of Management

The Board of Management jointly oversees the activities Foundation. Its members backgrounds provide broad experience and strategic direction for the Foundation.

Current Members of the Board

President Brooke Young
Vice President, Secretary Elizabeth Serpell
Treasurer Colleen Birtwistle
Chairperson Brooke Young
Ordinary Board Member Leo Driessen
Ordinary Board Member Rosario Garcia
Ordinary Board Member Stephen Gardner
Ordinary Board Member Alice Gower
Ordinary Board Member Karen Macdonald
Ordinary Board Member Lynne  Matheson
Ordinary Board Member Ian McNally

Interstate Representation

Ordinary Board of Management Member
ACT Coordinator
Ordinary Board Member
NSW Coordinator
Josephine D’Ambrosio
Ordinary Board of Management Member
NT Coordinator
Ordinary Board Member
QLD Coordinator
Lilia Darii
SA Coordinator Kirsten Nield
Ordinary Board of Management Member
TAS Coordinator
Olga Skalidis
VIC Coordinator Julie McNally
Ordinary Board of Management Member
WA Coordinator
Larah Cornthwaite


2017 Board of Management Meeting Dates

All 2017 Board of Management Meetings will be held Melbourne VIC between
6.00pm – 7.30pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 15 March
  • Wednesday 14 June
  • Wednesday 13 Sept

For further details, please send an email to the Secretary.

Board of Management

Brooke Young (Chairperson), Julie McNally (Executive Officer), Elizabeth Serpell (General Manager)

Further Information

If you would like further information about the Board, if you have an issue you would like to raise or you would like to contribute to our organisation, please contact us.