When I was born, I was born with a Deformity.

Deformities are classified as a Disability.

‘But I don’t think so!’

I was born with the absence of fingers on my right hand (Adactyly).

‘My hand to me is more of a ‘Challenge’

I am challenged to find another ways to do certain things

But, I still get them done.

David ‘Cookie’ Cook is my name

We all face Challenges in our everyday lives and our Choice should be

To Achieve those Challenges no matter what they are.

We should all ‘Choose to Achieve!’

Some people think that I and others like me were unlucky but I think that we were luckier. I think we were luckier because we get to live and experience life a little bit differently.

I don’t know why it happened and I don’t care because this is me and the way I was born.

I am happy the way I am!

If the world doesn’t adapt to me I adapt to it!

I have been going to schools and telling them about ‘Cookies Choice’.

‘Cookies Choice’ is about the Choices I have made in my life with a Challenge.

Growing up, going to school, playing sports and day to day life was no different for me, as it was for any other person and it still isn’t. Some of the sports which I played we football (fullback), soccer(goalkeeper), swimming which I still do(was a member of the local swimming club for, squash (eventually making it to A grade competition) and even raced motocross motorcycles. Will admit that I am a bit stubborn and like to do things myself but that is part of the territory.

‘Cookies Choice’ is authorised within the Performance for Schools Program managed by the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Telling the ‘Cookies Choice’ message I am very passionate about. It is stereo typed as motivational but I see it as more building self-esteem and self-confidence, as you can’t be motivated unless you believe in yourself first!