My name is Jack.

I am 20 months old and was born with a small, unformed left hand. My hand didn’t grow properly when I was inside my Mum’s belly.

My Mum and Dad found out my hand didn’t grow by looking at an ultrasound when I was still inside my Mum. Mum and Dad were very sad at first, but now they can see that I can do everything, they are very happy and don’t worry anymore.

I love to talk a lot and enjoy playing with other kids.

I like giving everyone high fives and shake hands.

My favourite toys are cars, tractors, trains and motor bikes.

I especially love being outdoors with my Dad in the garage and I enjoy trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm, where I get to ride on the motor bikes and the tractor.

There is nothing I can’t do and my Mum and Dad can’t imagine me any other way.

Outline of Jack's hands

These are my hands