Girl with a hand difference at play

Daily Activity, Equipment,
Play & Education

Activities of Daily Living


Independence in daily tasks is an important goal for all children. We know from experience that children with hand differences usually learn to do what they need and want to do if given time to practise and problem-solve the task. We have developed an online resource of smart techniques and equipment to support and promote this independence in self-care tasks.

See the Self-Care Booklet

Specialised Equipment & Assistive Technology

Independent Living Centres Australia (ILCA)

The ILCA is a collective organisation with members in each Australian state and the ACT. The Independent Living Centre in your state can assist you by providing free, professional and independent information and advice about products and services. They have knowledge of associated standards and regulations. Most state and territory centres provide access to information and a display of equipment and assistive technology from simple products to assist with daily living activities to more complex technologies such as specialised computers.

National ILC Infoline 1300 885 886 can connect you to your local state/territory ILC.


Around Australia

Solve Disability Solutions

Formerly known as Technical Aid for the Disabled (TAD), Solve Disability Solutions is a volunteer organisation that custom makes equipment for people with disabilities when there are no commercially available solutions. They operate in all Australian states and run a service that is complimentary to that provided by the Independent Living Centre (see above) who give advice on commercially available products.

Head Office in your state can be contacted by calling 1300 663 243 or 9853 8655

> Solve Disability Services (Victoria)

> Solve Disability Services in your State

Toys & Play

Toy Libraries

Toy Libraries Australia (TLA) provides information on toy libraries in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, ACT, NT and Tasmania.

Child Development

Developmental Milestones

Development is different to growth. Development refers to how a child becomes able to do more complex things as they get older. There are many hospital and health service websites which list gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive and social development milestones.  Although each milestone is often given an age level, the actual age when a normally developing child reaches that milestone can vary quite a bit.  Every child is unique!

Special Needs Resource

Noah’s Ark (Victoria) offer a range of services and programs that support children aged 0-8 with a range of disabilities, developmental delays and their families.


Services in other States in Australia can be found in state government websites.

Victorian State Government Department of Education and Training

Offers support to children and young people who have a disability or developmental delay and their families through a range of programs targeted to meet their specific needs.

Advocacy and Information Service

The Association for Children with a disability (ACD) is an advocacy and information service for families of children or young adults with any type of a disability living in Victoria. Free online resources include a basic introductory guide to supports and services “Through the Maze” supplemented by local and regional guides to services in Victoria. They provide free information and support via the ACD Support Line.