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Little Miss Jessica Goes to School

“Little Miss Jessica Goes to School” (Hardback)
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About the book

Aussie Hands is pleased to be selling a wonderful book by Australian author Jessica Smith. Jessica was born without a left arm and as a teenager represented Australia at the 2004 Paralympic Games. As a young adult she struggled with depression and an eating disorder. Today Jessica is an inspiring woman, recognised for her public speaking engagements and work around positive body image. Jessica is also a loving wife, mother and author.

Jessica’s own journey was the inspiration to write “Little Miss Jessica”. It tells the story of the first day of school for a little girl named Jessica who has an arm difference. The book aims to break down stigmas associated with disability, body image, friendship and self-esteem. The book helps to educate children in understanding that being different is okay.

“Little Miss Jessica Goes to School” is a great resource for children who have a hand or arm difference. It is a story they can read and reread, helping them to recognise that they are not alone in their experience of limb difference. It is a book that can be read to their kindergarten and school class, opening up the conversation of difference.



Within Australia
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If you live overseas and wish to purchase the book please email us and we can let you know how much it will be to send. 

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