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How To Videos

How To Videos

If you have a hand or upper limb difference you will have learnt or be learning to do things your own way. Even if you know someone with the same type of hand difference as yours, you may do the same task in a different way.  The best method is the one that works for you.  Have a look at our Patron, Jessica Smith OAM, demonstrating upper body exercises, tying up hair, painting nails and putting earrings on and more.

Other How to Videos will be shared here as a resource and reference point for you and others learning their own way of doing daily tasks.

Jessica living with one hand

In this video, Jessica responds to questions from kids at her daughter’s school and others about living with one hand. From doing push ups, cutting potatoes to driving a car – and let’s see if she can juggle.

Jessica demonstrating upper body exercises

Jessica tying her and her daughter Ayla’s hair

Jessica painting her and her daughter Ayla’s nails

Jessica putting earrings on

Julian demonstrates hammering a nail

Julian adapts a mountain bike

Julian demonstrates striping cable wire with one hand