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Advice For Mentees

Preparing for your Mentoring meeting

Tip 1 

Schedule 30 minutes without interruptions to get the best out of your Peer Mentoring session

Tip 2 

Prepare questions so you focus on these with your Peer Mentor

Tip 3 

Be committed to the scheduled time with your Peer Mentor and provide adequate notice if you can no longer attend

Tip 4 

Be clear with your Peer Mentor about your expectations and explain any goals you are hoping to achieve

Tip 5 

Should you wish to arrange a face to face meeting, please check updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) beforehand for advice

Tip 6 

Give your feedback in a survey that will be sent to you 2 hours after your session

Here’s what Aussie Hands members have to say

about connecting with a Mentor

Peer support provides a personal level of knowledge by sharing similar lived experiences. It’s these experiences that foster meaningful connections and a deeper sense of understanding and empathy between peers.

A peer who has had a lived experience with hand differences can provide meaningful insights into how a person can adapt and manage in daily life, and also give details on what to expect through different stages of growth and development.

‘Peer support offers an opportunity to connect and empower one another through sharing stories, and providing a deeper level of understanding.’

– Aussie Hands Patron Jessica Smith OAM

Expecting & New Parents

‘We have found Aussie Hands to be a fantastic group for information, advice and connection. I would be happy to offer insights, help and support to new parents.  I encourage new parents of children up to 18 years to reach out and connect with a Peer Mentor.’

– Amir Neshastehriz

School Age

‘As parents of a child with a limb difference, peer support has been a fantastic resource for us. We encourage other parents to reach out and seek peer support. Being able to discuss experiences, challenges and queries at different stages of our child’s development has not only provided us with practical reassurance but it also enriches our lives through personal connections.’

– Jenny Mitten


‘Many adult members of the limb difference community would have benefited from having someone to guide us through our early years. The Aussie Hands Peer Support Network assists myself and others to pass on our knowledge and provide support to the next generation.’

– Julian McGregor

About our Sponsor

The Aussie Hands Resource Toolkit was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services – ILC Individual Capacity Building Program – an Australian Government Initiative’.