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Kindergarten and School Starter Resource Kits

Starting kindergarten and school is a significant milestone in the life of a child. For children with hand differences and their parents, it can be a time full of questions and uncertainty. The kits aim to make the transition to kindergarten or school a little easier. They include some of the most frequently asked questions and practical advice from parents who have been there. We encourage you to read the information and reflect on what best suits you and your child.

Special Thanks

Thank you to the ANZ Staff Foundation for providing the funding to make this project a reality.

Thank you to all the parents who helped us to create the kits by providing us with their feedback and questions. Your input was invaluable in the final content.

Thank you to Sophie Campbell for providing her graphic design skills free of charge.

Big thanks to Aussie Hands members Colleen and Chris Wardley for printing the kits at cost price.

Comments and Suggestions

If have any ideas, suggestions or feedback about the kits let us know. We welcome your feedback.