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The Aussie Hands Peer Support Network and Resource Toolkit are the result of a project that was funded by the Australian Government through an Individual Capacity Building Grant from 2020-2022. The aim of the project was to equip Aussie Hands members to confidently participate in all aspects of life including extracurricular activities, educational and employment opportunities, and engagement with their communities.

The project objectives include:

  • Providing access to role models and information
  • Assisting in developing skills and strategies for success in life
  • Providing peer support to connect individuals to overcome challenges, increase confidence and take positive action.

An extensive range of people were involved in the development of these resources by generously offering their time, stories and expertise.

We would like to thank the Steering Committee, who dedicated their time to quarterly meetings and endless emails. Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, expertise and constructive criticism.

Robyn Antill Hannah Cole Samantha Donaghey
Karen Macdonald Fiona Passmore Brooke Young (Chairperson)
Areeb Ovais Lisa Robin

We would like to thank everyone who we interviewed for generously offering time out of your busy schedules to share your knowledge. Your expertise is invaluable.

Rose Biggins, Limb Management Clinic Coordinator at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick Dr Katherine Olsson, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist from the Queensland Paediatric Rehabilitation Service Lydia Ngoo -Occupational Therapist
Andrea Murray – Primary Teacher (Retired) Leslie Wollin, Occupational Therapist Susan Winter, Primary Teacher
Louise-Kate Grey, Secondary Teacher Associate Professor David McCombe, Hand Surgeon David Weatherburn, Social Worker
Tom Clingin, Prosthetist at TCLU Perth Jo Kennedy – Coordinator Australian Hand Difference Register Lydia Ngoo -Occupational Therapist
Ben Gauntlett, Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Commissioner at Australian Human Rights Commission Kylie Mack, Early Learning Coordinator Di Rachinger -Psychologist

Most importantly, we would like to thank the Aussie Hands Community for sharing your personal experiences and stories with us. Thank you to those who attended workshops and completed surveys. Thank you to those who sent us footage, audio clips, photos, quotes, and essays. These resources, and your contributions, will benefit the Aussie Hands community for years to come.

Workshop Contributors

Michelle Aldous

Knox Gibson

Julian McGregor

Florencia Angkasa

Andrew Grant

Jenny Mitten

Sarah Antico

Karen Hansford

Laura Noble

Valerie Boyer

Nick Hatzioannou

Areeb Ovais

Joanne Carr

Natalie Hood

Craig Parsons

Tamara Coombs

Stuart John

Emi Scott
Steph De-Montezuma

Michelle Lander

Lily Toengi-Andrews


Alison Lee

Amber Denehey

Shevaughn Mawter

Multi-Media Contributors & their families

Flo Angkasa Andrew Grant Shevaughn Mawter
Claire Bampton Louise-Kate Grey Julian McGregor
Danielle Bampton Karen Hansford Laura Noble
Lauren Booth Nick Hatzioannou Ben Passmore
Jay Bowerman Skye-Blue Henderson Alec Scarafiotti
Valerie Boyer Natalie Hood Caeleigh Smales
Tia Christodoulou Tegan James Annette Smeaton
Tom Covell Tamie Jones Jessica Smith (Patron)
Knox Gibson Karen Macdonald Sonnya Tirtawidjaja

And thank you to the Aussie Hands Foundation Inc.

Board of Management

Robyn Antill (Treasurer) Hannah Cole Louise-Kate Grey
Elizabeth Borg Bruno Gortan Stuart John (President)
Karen Macdonald (Vice-President) Fiona Passmore Steve Powis
Lana Mitchell (Secretary) Dave Serpell

ICB Project Team

Jacqueline Banki – Project Manager Cassie Muller – Project Officer Vinnie Chen – Digital Communications Officer

About our Sponsor

The Aussie Hands Resource Toolkit was made possible by the NDIA ILC Individual Capacity Building Program – an Australian Government initiative.