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Peer Support Network


What is the Peer Support Network?

The Peer Support Network connects individuals with a hand difference and their families to people who have lived through similar experiences. Peer Mentors are there to listen, provide support, and share their knowledge. They can help you to consider different options, develop strategies and sometimes just feel more confident.

There are Peer Mentors with experience across each of the topics covered in the Resource Toolkit. Think of it like our Facebook Group, but even more interactive!

What are the benefits of connecting with a Peer Mentor?

By connecting with a Peer Mentor you can:

  • Be supported in achieving your goals or setting new goals
  • Increase your knowledge and capability to deal with different situations
  • Increase your ability to solve problems and advocate for the outcomes you want
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Gain a new awareness for different experiences
  • Build positive social connections



Steps to connect with a Mentor

Step 1 

Click ‘Next’ on the Peer Support Network Booking System below.

Step 2 

Are you a member of Aussie Hands? If yes, then click ‘Yes’. If not, click No and you can join Aussie Hands now.

Step 3 

Read through the Mentor profiles or use the filters to choose a Mentor who suits your enquiry. For example, you might be New & Expecting Parents looking for a Mentor to discuss Telling Others about your baby’s hand difference in Melbourne – Victoria so you would choose from these categories.

Note: You can also choose All States & Territories related your specific topic if a Mentor is not available in your state or territory.

Step 4 

Select a day, time, and mode (telephone, video) that suits you, or request a suitable time from the Mentor. You will receive an email from your Mentor who will either suggest a time to meet or confirm the selected booking time.



Are you a member of Aussie Hands?

About our Sponsor

The Aussie Hands Resource Toolkit was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services – ILC Individual Capacity Building Program – an Australian Government Initiative’.