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Helping a friend/family whose child has a Hand Difference

Helping a friend or family member whose child has a Hand Difference

The support system surrounding a family who has a child with a hand difference is important. This support can be made up of a range of people including grandparents, uncles, aunties and close family friends. Sometimes it is the extended family and friends who make the first contact with Aussie Hands either by Facebook, email or phone. Here at Aussie Hands we welcome these approaches as we understand that while the parents of a newborn (or parents to be) are dealing with lots of emotions and questions, it might be others who start the search for information and support. And we understand that as a loved one, you have lots of concerns and questions too. We are more than happy to talk to you and let you know what Aussie Hands can provide for your loved one and when the time is right, you can pass on these details and connect them with Aussie Hands. And keep in mind that you don’t need to know all the right things to say or do, providing a good listening ear and being a constant supporter is very valuable for parents to be or parents of a newborn who has a hand difference.

Please know that as a family or close friend you are a welcome part of the Aussie Hands community! You can join our Facebook group and come along to our events with the family you support. We understand that you play a key role in supporting and encouraging both the parents and the child who has a hand difference. At the events you will have the opportunity to learn more about hand difference and meet other families.