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Kate Doughty, Champion Triathlete

Champion Triathlete

Kate Doughty is an elite athlete with a difference. She was born with one hand but this hasn’t stopped her competing at the highest levels in Equestrian events and as a Triathlete.

Kate Doughty, Champion Triathlete

Her achievements aren’t just on the sporting field, Kate knows no limits when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Kate says ‘it is so important to give things a go. We are only here for one lifetime and it is important to embrace and enjoy life. I also want to inspire others to achieve their potential.’

Part of her commitment to helping others achieve their potential is serving as Patron of the Aussie Hands Foundation Inc.

Brooke Young, Chairperson of Aussie Hands said:

“Kate has been an amazing role model for our members. Her attitude to life inspires and supports young people and their parents. She had competed as a representative for Australia as a Para-equestrian, and transitioned into the sport of triathlon less than 12 months ago. In such a short time Kate is already obtaining podium finishes at International races and has just competed for Australia at the World Para-Triathlon Championships in Chicago winning Bronze for Australia. Kate also holds a Master of Organisational Psychology and is a registered Psychologist. She proves every day that anything is possible.

We are delighted that Kate will be opening the 15th Anniversary celebration of Aussie Hands. This is an important milestone for our Foundation and members. Aussie Hands is now a national organisation and its purpose is to inspire and support people who have hand differences.”

Kate Doughty reflected on her 8 years as Patron:

“It is wonderful to meet people who are like me. I like to share my story and help families come to terms with the challenges they may face. We all face difficulties in life, sharing stories and support can really help.”

The next major goal for Aussie Hands is to work with leading Hand Surgeons from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to establish a registry of births identifying congenital hand anomalies. Funds towards this data audit project are needed to develop and maintain the registry which will provide answers to some of these crucial questions:

  • (i) How many children are born with a hand difference?
  • (ii) What is the cause of the hand difference?
  • (iii) How prevalent is the condition?

Support Us

Every bit helps people with a hand difference.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

We organise regular events across Australia bringing many families together who have someone in their family with a hand difference. Mentoring Programs provide younger members to be linked with inspirational adults like Kate.


Brooke Young, Chairperson
Mobile: 0417 128 097
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