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Q&A with our Patron

Kate Doughty

Kate Doughty- after winning race
Photo credit: Delly Carr

What is your definition of success? 

Living a happy and healthy life. Going beyond your comfort zone in order to grow and develop as an individual.

What is your goal setting methodology or formula? 

Having goals is key towards knowing where you want to go, and to keep you on the right path. Break the ‘big’ goal down into smaller ones (For example, my big goal is a top 5 finish at Rio Paralympics. My small goals, e.g. power efficiency through cornering on the bike, improve run technique). Small goal allows for reflection and adaptation along the way towards reaching your ‘big’ goal. Be realistic. Things take time to develop to see the results. Consistency is key. Keep progressing and focus on the process, not the outcome. If you don’t reach a goal how you initially planned, that’s ok. Take what you learnt from the experience, and move on. Do not dwell. Our ‘big’ goals may not take the path we planned, but persistence and hard work will get you there in the end.

What is your body image like/how do you think about physicality?

As a young girl/ teenager growing up, I always struggled with body image. Now, I have more of an appreciation for the phrase ‘your body is a temple, worship it’ (thanks dad!). I would have never thought I would reach my current level of fitness or physicality ever. But it is only down to pure hard work and consistency. I’m still on the climb towards my peak fitness level, so who knows. If you give your body and mind the right fuel, exercise, and sleep it needs, the results will show.

What other lifestyle or training elements do you consider most influential?

I am a strong believer in the power of the mind. Your mind controls the body. Be kind to it. Allow yourself down time and spoil yourself every now and then. Our environment and the people around us also shape who we are. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be better, whether it is in sport or another aspect of life.

Does having a hand difference impact how you live or the career paths you have chosen?

No not at all. If anything, it has allowed me to pursue and achieve some amazing opportunities, especially in sport.

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