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Areeb’s Story


I Have A Hand Difference

My name is Areeb. I am 27-years-old I have a congenital left-hand deficiency with no left wrist, hand or fingers. My family consists of Mum, Dad and my younger sister. I had a very positive upbringing with friends and family to support me. My difference was never discussed or seen as an issue. I was expected by everyone to do everything and was not allowed to use my hand as an excuse.

I am currently working as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Southbank, where I have been since graduating seven years ago. I graduated the top of my class from RMIT. I work in an office environment and I meet new people on a daily basis, as my role involves client work.

I’m a huge fan of travelling and was lucky enough to be sent on a secondment to Philadelphia, United States, between 2016 and 2018.

I love sports including AFL (Essendon), NFL (Philadelphia Eagles). Cricket was my sport of choice to play growing up. I could go on forever with things I like doing.

I was fortunate to not have any issues with bullying throughout my schooling, higher education or at work. A funny story my Mum once told me was if anyone did pick on me growing up, I would just scare them with my hand which I thought was quite funny.

People supporting me understood I had to learn to do things in different ways but that’s what made me unique and with their support, it was a positive way to learn to do things.

For me my imagination has been the only restriction in being able to do things and I’m not that imaginative! Some things which intrigues people is my touch-typing ability on a keyboard, tying shoe laces and cutting steak to eat.

I’m proud of my achievements to date, however there is so much more exploring and discovering left for me to do in the world. I’m involved with Aussie Hands as it enables me to do in something I wish I had exposure to when I was younger. As my best friend says, ‘’if anyone asks about your disability in your mind think don’t dis-my-ability’’. I’m hoping me sharing my experiences inspires others.

As my best friend says, ‘’if anyone asks about your disability in your mind think don’t dis-my-ability’’.