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Connor’s Story

Connor, Named Bailey

I Have A Hand Difference

Hi, I am Connor and am 13-years-old and I have one brother named Bailey. I also have a fantastic dog named Diesel. He is a golden retriever. I live in Maiden Gully near Bendigo, in Victoria.

When I was really young, I had surgery on my hand. I had the growth plate taken out of my foot and put into my index finger and my middle finger so they would grow. I don’t know why but people think it looks like a foot.

I love to play sports with friends and go camping. I also play the piano and keyboard which is weird for me because I only use one hand. If I use two I only use my thumb and only press one note.

I play footy for Maiden Gully YCW Eagles and I do athletics for Bendigo. I am really good at high-jump. I can jump 1.51metres, which means I am the third best high-jumper in the state at the moment.

The things I can’t do because of my hand difference include the monkey bars, the recorder (which I had to do at school) and handballing a footy.

When I first started school at Maiden Gully primary school, I had a rough time trying to avoid people bulling me about my hand. But then I got used to it. People normally ask me ‘what happened to your hand?’ or ‘why does your hand look like that?’.

I like Aussie Hands because no one makes fun of you, so I feel so calm and relaxed.