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Mikko’s Story

Mikko, That’s why it’s so special.

I Have A Hand Difference

I like my hand because no-one else has a hand exactly like mine. That’s why it’s so special.

Some people respond badly to my hand and some people respond well. If people respond badly, I walk away and say nothing. If people respond well, I say ‘thanks’. Some people have said, ‘I wish I had a hand like yours’.

Most people are in between—they’re curious. If they’re little, I usually make them laugh by pretending my hand is magic. If they’re my age, I explain that I was born with two fingers, and I can still move my hand like a crab, but I can’t make a fist.

Julie from Aussie Hands came with me and told the other kids that there are lots of people like us. She also brought a book called Different is Awesome. The kids loved it.

Most of the kids were very curious. They asked lots of questions. They wanted to know if I could walk on two hands, slide down a fireman’s pole, eat spaghetti… I can’t walk on two hands, and I can’t swing on the monkey bars, but I can do everything else. I can ride a bike, tie my shoelaces and play the cello.

I love sport, playing it and watching it. My favourites are football, soccer and cricket. The Paralympic Games are also amazing, especially the swimming. When I grow up, I’m going to play soccer for Australia.

Mikko, age 7

When I started school, I gave a presentation to the other kids about my hand. I told them I was born with two fingers and I explained that we’re all different—people have different coloured eyes; people have different coloured hair; some people have freckles, some people don’t; and some people have different hands…