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Tahlia’s Story

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I Have A Hand Difference

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone at Aussie Hands for donating the book Little Miss Jessica Goes to School for me to share at my school.

For Limb Difference Awareness Week in October 2019, I read the book to every class in my school – 14 classes! Each class got to ask me questions which made me feel happy. By doing this I could make people understand better that we should celebrate differences.

My fellow students were all very encouraging and asked some interesting and confusing questions. The confusing question I got was from the grade 5/6s: ‘how much do I calculate my nubbins will grow?’ Overall, it was really fun.

My teachers were super encouraging too and lots of them came to listen to me read, including the Principal and Assistant Principal – TWICE! They gave me lots of praise which made me feel very proud and very joyful.

I also got to hold a Lunch Club to read the book and do a craft activity.

My mum helped me make 56 red, cardboard hands in different sizes. We had the Aussie Hands logo and name on it. I also got to ink my little hand and print it on each one. We stuck them onto icy pole sticks and the kids decorated them during recess with me. Two of my teachers joined in too. There were about 40 kids who participated. Doing this made me feel terribly joyful watching everyone having fun together.

I got a ‘Student of the Week’ award after this for promoting inclusion and raising awareness during Limb Difference Awareness Week, speaking confidently and passionately to all the classes and thoughtfully answering the questions.

The canteen lady at my school was so moved by my assembly presentation about everything I was doing that she made a ‘Zooper Dooper Fundraiser’ and raised $164 for Aussie Hands.

Thank you very much once again to Aussie Hands for this wonderful experience.