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Meet Others With A Hand Difference

Finding out your child has a hand difference or acquiring a hand injury yourself can be challenging and emotional. Talking with other families that have been through a similar experience can be beneficial, and can help you answer some of the multitude of questions you might have.

Once you have been through such an experience, you could offer immense help and support to a family that is just going through a similar time as well.

“The number of times I had said, “I just want to talk to other parents that have been through this” — it was an emotional relief to do so. Suddenly everything seemed possible and our future very connected.”

— Justine, Analise’s mother

Connect with Other Families

Our friendly team will be able to assist in enabling you to connect to other Aussie Hands families, particularly in your Australian state. These families have been through a related experience or have a member with a similar hand difference.

If you would like to take advantage of this beneficial service, sign up to become a member, which will also keep you informed of regular events where you will be able to meet others and be inspired by their stories.

Current Members with A Hand Difference by Age

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