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Bellew, M & Kay, SP, Psychological aspects of toe to hand transfer in children. Comparison views of children and their parents. Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK, Journal of Hand Surgery – British Volume 24(6): 712-8, Dec 1999

Richardson, PW, Johnstone, BR, Coombs, CJ, Toe-to-hand transfer in symbrachydactyly Hand Surgery, 9 (1), July 2004.
This article presents results of 18 free toe transfers in 13 patients for symbrachydactyly, which were performed at the Royal Children’s Hospital over a 6 year period. Despite abnormal anatomy, the functional building blocks were found to be available and the results have been improved function and high levels of parental satisfaction.

SIAL Serial, The Journal of Hand Surgery
An international journal devoted to hand and upper limb surgery and related research: journal of the Asia-Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand