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A collection of ideas related to living with a limb difference

Living One Handed – Ryan is a man with a below elbow congenital amputation. He has a series of 30+ short videos, with some focused on self-care tasks such as zipping a coat, applying toothpaste and clipping fingers.

My Special Hand – Sam is a young boy, about 5 years old. He has 24 short videos including: zipping up coats, cutting shapes from paper, climbing a rock wall, riding a bike, playing the drums, going fishing, soccer, bowling.

Ellie Erbs – Ellie is a teenager who has a severe weakness (Erb’s Palsy) in her right arm. She has produced a few short help videos for doing things one handed including doing up a zip, putting on a bra, tying hair back and typing.

I can do it myself booklet (pdf)

Getting Dressed

Jeans Button

Button your jeans up with one hand using a homemade device and a door handle to assist.

Jacket Zip

Zipping up a jacket with 5 year old Sam from My Special Hand and Ryan from Living One Handed

Neck Tie

Tying a neck-tie with one hand.

Tying a tie with Windsor knot – a clear demonstration using two hands but can be modified for one hand


Tying shoelaces one-handed with Nick Newell a pro MMA fighter with a below elbow congenital amputation. Observed by young boy Dakota who also has a limb deficiency.

Ryan from Living One Handed – Tying up shoes. This is a 10 minute video with examples of tying laces on different shoes.

Demonstration of one handed shoelace tying using the Ninja knot

Tying shoelaces with one hand

One-handed shoe tying – Hannah shows how to use other foot to hold the lace firmly for a tight 2 stage bunny loop method.

One-handed shoe tying using other foot to hold one lace for a firm bow

Hair, Grooming & Jewelry

A woman demonstrating clipping hair up and applying a variety of jewelry that is suitable for a person with one hand

Drying Hair

A young woman with hemiplegia, who can only use one hand, demonstrates how she blow dries her hair with one hand. She uses a stand to hold her hairdryer.

Tying Hair Up

A young woman with a weak arm because of Brachial Plexus Palsy/Erb’s Palsy, demonstrates how she ties her long hair into a ponytail.

Demonstrates use of the One-Handed Ponytail Device devised by OT Sara Uhrig in USA. It is a loop of hat elastic with a bead/washer which acts as a toggle to cinch the ponytail for easier application of the rest of the elastic.

Demonstration of the 1-UP: The One Hand Hair Tie which is s long piece of elastic with a toggle to tighten it on the ponytail.

Teeth Care

Ryan from Living One Handed – How to put toothpaste on a toothbrush one handed using sleeve cuff to hold toothbrush, or mouth.

Ryan from Living One Handed – How to floss your teeth one handed with discussion of floss and alternatives.


Ryan from Living One Handed – How to clip your nails one handed using a simple technique with clippers braced against the body.

Food & Eating

Cutting Meat

Ryan from Living One Handed – How to cut steak in a restaurant with one hand, using the fork transfer technique.

Opening Jars

One handed Jar Opening – Using non-slip mat on the table and in crook of elbow.


Active Hands